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Manufactured Landscapes, the film about Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky and his work documenting industry in China had a really limited run here. Fortunately, this fantastic film is available on dvd now and seems readily accessible- netflix has it. One of the most inspiring photography films I’ve seen in a while. Highly recommended! Advertisements

beate gutschow


Anyone who lives in Chicago should check out the Beate Gutschow: LS/S show at the MoCP (through January 10). The exhibit is divided between two rooms, LS (landscape) and S (stadt – city) and is really quite impressive.The city images are huge, black + white and have a deadpan survey-style similar to that of becher […]

chicago avenue


a couple of images from my chicago avenue project. wrapping up second-to-last-semester, been working like mad. more to come!

i’ll start with some flickr favorites. 1. modern houses, 2. A Penguin Special – Has Man a Future?, 3. S_alys, 4. Earth Tones with Bright Accents, 5. Paris / Clignancourt, 6. Quasi art nouveau, 7. Bubble gum, 8. Foreclose, 9. new look, 10. Pelican A691, 11. it’s-just-like-surgery-002, 12. h&w, 13. hersh’s, 14. reflect, 15. Denture […]