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If I were a fashion photographer, I would want to be Eugenio Recuenco: Tons more on his site. Bonus points for you if you read/speak spanish. Advertisements

Honored to be included in the New York Times LENS blog cellphone photo gallery today! (3rd column, 3rd row down) More iPhone photo gallery goodness is here:

iphone art


I must admit, I’m in on this whole iPhone photography thing– my phone is full of ’em. There’s a lack of pressure and a spontaneity that’s sort of liberating. Clearly many other photographers (and non-photographers) have picked up on this as well. Anyhow… More soon.

to submit


I’m not sure if it’s the weather bringing on thoughts of the bfa show last spring or the influx of photo contests and shows pouring into my twitter feed (or some combination of the two) but I have the bug to start submitting my work again. (it could be the awesome photo above as well.) […]



places to go for inspiration… Rachel Hulin’s Photography Blog I’ve been following Rachel Hulin since she wrote for photoshelter way back when (when it was good)… A veritable treasure trove of lesser-known, yet awesome, art. Color Me Katie I don’t know where this woman finds so much energy, but I admire it. Check out […]

quiet blog…


I know things have pretty quiet around here… I’ve been busy working as of late. My blogging energies have mostly been directed at bloggin’ about greyhounds for the photographer I work for. Needless to say, I can’t wait to check out the Michael Wolf show that just went up @ the MoCP yesterday and, of […]