Michael and I recently submitted some photos to the EXPOSURE art contest in NYC. Prizes include cash/grants and an actual show in New York.

Success is partially determined by votes so please help us out and vote!


You can vote for BOTH of us every 24 hours and you don’t even have to register with the site. Just click on the stars! (preferably five stars, thanks!)

The deadline for votes is FRIDAY at midnight.

Thanks again!


keturahdavis.com is up and running.

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the BA/BFA show was a great success. sold two pieces to permanent collections and received a purchase award. woohoo!


tomorrow is my last day of school ever.
tomorrow is also manifest.

the photo show looks amazing. the artist reception is tomorrow (technically today, it’s after midnight)
friday may 16, 2008
photo awards at 6pm.

the map is here – it’s location 9.
the exhibition catalogue is here – i’m somewhere in the middle.

sunday is graduation!

the new show at mocp doesn’t open until wednesday but i was peeking through the doors earlier today and it looks like it’s gonna be good. (with a name like building pictures, how could you go wrong?)

there’s a huge photo by this guy hanging directly across from the entrance and i can’t wait to get inside and see it close up.

another link: Dionisio González

gregor graf photographs buildings in linz, austria and removes any visible signage (along with people and cars) in his project hidden town.

there’s an interesting collection of romanian houses at this site as well as lots of other themed collections. i also recommend the blocks of flats section but you may want to steer clear if distortion bothers you.

thingsmagazine.net could easily occupy hours of my time.

michael wolf


taking a break from identity politics, here’s my current favorite photographer…

architecture of density

hong kong corner houses

and lots more…

apparently he’s been working on an architecture of density-like project in chicago that will be showing at the mocp this fall.